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#IlRaccontoDeiRacconti #Venere in #Idra *****isi astrologica – #zodiaco nazionale italiano di Klau***** Zic #tweko #MatteoGarrone #Astrologia

Academic Zodiac RTRRT 3 Set 2015 08:46
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#IlRaccontoDeiRacconti #Venere in #Idra *****isi astrologica –
#zodiaco nazionale italiano di Klau***** Zic #tweko
#MatteoGarrone #Astrologia

a)The above tweet says it all: the film gets spawned in times
dire with Venus in Hydra under Saturn Unukalhai – even Saturn
in Ophiuchus.
b)Ogre as beheaded is of course Orcus there; as making too
many conjunctions – even jovial - from *****tans. Beside Tekton,
Orcus is main fathomable factor in the present crisis as
concern currency wars, global finance and real estate. The Sun
– not the main influence within any horoscope – surpasses
*****tans – its proposed 16th position – without a New Moon
proper for now – can add to royalty of Regulus in *****ysis.
c)The heart of the solitary snake is of course Alp***** under
the royal spear of Regulus – MIKAL solar deity expendable.
d)Said spear is in fact altitude measure probe as exaggerated
into stabbing Alp*****.
e)2006 AA99 looms from Coma Berenices – adding bizarre
hairdressings to the show.
f)Estate – in Italian – means summer – and what a summer,
g)Thus in short: material abounds – one should be able to find
much more even in perusing that Google.

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#homework #smm #viral #Ophiuchus #tweko

GET 22 A 16 LIFE

From 22 to 16...

(a)How many constellations does the zodiac really have? We
heard of 13, 15 – even 16?
(b)You overheard of either solar zodiacs or ascendant sets.
(c)What is a solar zodiac?
(d)It is the path of the Sun – our best estimation covers 16
(e)15 or 16?
(f)*****tans is a proposal viz New Moon in *****tans; Orion, Cetus
and Ophiuchus are standards.
(g)What about the ascendant set.
(h)The ascendant set for the current epoch is 16
constellations – guardian angels.
(i)Which zodiacal constellations presently do not rise at east
– are not ascendants at all?
(j)Auriga, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Scutum,
Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pegasus.
(k)Auriga and Pegasus are zodiacal?
(l)They are. Pegasus will rise at east within the next set of
(m)Does the Sun determine anything?
(n)The Sun does not determine the zodiac as the least
important element of every horoscope.
(o)What does the Sun stand for?
(p)Faux ego: pomp; gold trading, Hiranyakashipu...
(q)How is character determined?
(r)Out of 1008 planets as present within every horoscope, a
rising centaur renders character best.
(s)How was the house system solved?
(t)The Cartesian House System has been dynamically tested
throughout outer space.
(u)Where do the data come from?
(v)Harvard MPC and NASA JPL: mainly; offline Solex integrator
– during incipient research.
(w)How many signs does a horoscope have?
(x)67 with Pluto and Eris “as planets”; otherwise merely 28.
(y)How many signs does the zodiac have?
(aa)How many ascendants?
(ac)How many planets in a horoscope?

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